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February 11, 2017


  webmaster       February 11, 2017
1.    Which State has the largest coastline in India?
(a)    Gujarat
(b)    Tamil Nadu
(c)    Karnataka
(d)    Andhra Pradesh
2.    Which of the following latitudes passes through India?
(a)    Equator
(b)    Arctic Circle
(c)    Tropic of Capricorn
(d)    Tropic of Cancer
3.    India is the seventh largest country in the world and it covers a total area of approximately: (a)
2700000 sq. km
(b)    3000000 sq.  km
(c)    3200000 sq.  km
(d)    3600000 sq. km
4.    Which of the following is the correct chronological order of the formation of the following states in India?

1.    Sikkim
2.    Mizoram
3.    Goa
4.    Arunachal Pradesh

(a)    3, 1, 2, 4
(b)    1, 2, 3, 4
(c)    1, 2, 4, 3
(d)    1, 4, 2, 3
5.    In which one of the following Islands of India is an active volcano found?
(a)    Car Nicobar Island
(b)    Nancowry Island
(c)    Barren Island
(d)    Maya Bunder Island
6.    Which one of the following longitudes determines the Indian standard time?
(a)    85.5 E
(b)    86.5E
(c)    84.5 E
(d)    82.5E
7.    Among the following Union Territories of India, which one has the largest size?
(a) Pondicherry

(b)    Lakshadweep
(c)    Daman and Diu
(d)    Chandigarh
8.    Duncan Passage is situated between:
(a)    Minicoy and Amindiv
(b)    Minicoy and Maldives
(c)    Little Andaman and Car Nicobar
(d)    South Andaman and Little Andaman
9.    ‘Indian Standard Meridian’ passes through the states of UP, MP:
(a)    AP and Karnataka
(b)    AP and Tamil Nadu
(c)    Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(d)    Orissa and AP
10.    Which foreign country is closest to Andaman Islands?
(a)    Sri Lanka
(b)    Myanmar
(c)    Indonesia
(d)    Pakistan
11.    Jharkhand does not share boundary with:

(a)    West Bengal
(b)    Orissa
(c)    Chhattisgarh
(d)    Madhya Pradesh
12.    The States which have common borders with China are:
1.    Jammu and Kashmir
2.    Sikkim
3.    Arunachal Pradesh
4.    Himachal Pradesh

(a)    1, 3 and 4
(b)    1, 2 and 3
(c)    1 and 3
(d)    1, 2, 3 and 4
13.    Consider the following statements
1.    The continental shelves of Lakshadweep are originated due to coral reefs.
2.    The continental shelves of western coast are due to faulting and submergence. Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

(a)    1 only   |
(b)    2 only
(c)    Both 1 and 2
(d)    Neither 1 nor 2

14.    Which state amongst the following has the highest percentage of the Scheduled Caste population of State’s
(a)    Jharkhand
(b)    Madhya Pradesh
(c)    Punjab
(d)    Uttar Pradesh
15.    The Tropic of Cancer passes through the States of:
1.    Gujarat
2.    Jharkhand
3.    Assam
4.    Mizoram

(a)    1, 2 and 4
(b)    1 and 2
(c)    1, 3 and 4
(d)    1, 2, 3 and 4
16.    Among the following States of India, which one has the oldest rock formations in the country?
(a)    Assam
(b)    Bihar
(c)    Karnataka
(d)    Uttar Pradesh
17.    Among the following States, which one has the largest forest area?
(a)    Gujarat
(b)    Karnataka
(c)    Orissa
(d)    Tamil Nadu
18.    Port Blair - the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located in which one of the following islands?
(a)    North Andaman
(b)    Little Andaman
(c)    Middle Andaman
(d)    South Andaman
19.    28.38 N and 77.12 E are the respective latitude and longitude of which one of the following places?
(a)    Jaipur
(b)    Delhi
(c)    Lucknow
(d)    Allahabad
20.    What is the correct order of occurrence of the following places as one move from east to west?
(1)    Murshidabad
(2)    Gorakhpur
(3)    Bhopal
(4)    Bhavnagar (a) 2-4-3-1

(b)    1-3-4-2
(c)    1-2-3-4
(d)    4-3-2-1 Answer (c)

21.The longest inland waterways in the world is-
(A)    Mississippi river system
(B)    The Great Lakes
(C)    St. Lawrence
(D)    River Rhine
22.Which one of the following countries has the highest average of road length on per thousand square kilometres of area basis ?
(A)    India
(B)    Japan
(C)    U5.A.
(D)    France
23.Who said, “Similar locations lead to similar mode of life” ?
(A)    F.Ratzel
(B)    CarlRitter
(C)    Alexander Von Humboldt
(D)    E C Semple
24.The Red Indians or American Indians belong to the-
(A)    Mongolian race
(B)    Caucasoid race
(C)    Australoid race
(D)    Negrito race
25.Which of the following States was formed exclusively by the migrants in the 20th Century ?
(A)    Maldives
(B)    Mauritius
(C)    Israel
(D)    Myanmar
26.Which one of the following regions practising most intensive subsistance farming ?
(A)    Pampas region
(B)    Murray-Darling Basin
(C)    California Valley
(D)    Monsoon Asia
27.The ‘Hottentots’ are the-
(A)    Pigmies of Congo basin
(B)    Negrito of Sri Lanka having brown colour

(C)    Yellow skin colour of Southwest Africa
(D)    Negritoes of Eastern-Africa

28.The determining factor of population region is—
(A)    Birthrate
(B)    Death rate
(C)    Density of papulation
(D)    Above all
29.By which theory does the population increase geometrically ?
(A)    Optimum Population Theory
(B)    Malthusian Theory of Population
(C)    Logestic Curve Theory
(D)    Theory of Demographic Transition
30.Hunting Instrument Harpoon is used by—
(A)    Bushman
(B)    Eskimo
(C)    Papuan
(D)    Vedda
31.The leading sulphur producing country in the world is—

(A)    U.S.A.
(B)    Russia
(C)    Japan
(D)    U.K. 32.‘Craal ‘is a house of

(A)    Bushman
(B)    Beddo
(C)    Masai
(D)    Semang
33.Which of the following is called the Plateau Continent ?
(A)    South America
(B)    Asia

(C)    Africa
(D)    Europe
34.Which industry is most important in South-West Asia ?
(A)    Iron and Steel Industry
(B)    Petro-chcmical Industry
(C)    Heavy Engineering Industry
(D)    Textile Industry
35.In general the most fertile layer of the soil is-
(A)    -B’Layer
(B)    ‘A’Layer
(C)    ‘C Layer
(D)    None of the above
36.The most important factor to control the growth and types of forests is-
(A)    Soil types
(B)    Climate
(C)    Underground water
(D)    Soil fertility
37.‘Mediterranean Sea Forests’ are found in the areas-
(A)    Between I0°N to 10°S latitudes
(B)    Between 208N to 30°N latitudes
{C) Between 30° to 45″ latitudes in the western parts of continents (D) Between 60° to 65* latitudes
38.Which country fails in all three natural regions Hot desert, Mediterranean and Cool

temperate type of climate ?
(a)    Chile
(b)    Israel
(c)    Lebanon
(d)    None of the above
39.Which vegetation is called natural cattle country ?
(a)    Savanna
(b)    Downs
(c)    Selva
(d)    Prairies
40.Which one of the following deserts is famous for its deposits of nitrates ?
(a)    Atacama
(b)    Kalahari
(c)    Gobi (d)Sahara
occur in :
41.Tropical deciduous or monsoonal
(a)    Siberia, Alaska, USA, Canada
(b)    New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, F
(c)    Netherlands, Russia, Norway, U
(d)    Burma, India, Thailand, Brazil
42.Postaz are temperate grassland in
(a)    Australia
(b)    South Africa (c)Hungary (d) Egypt
43.Deciduous trees are those :
(a)    that grow up straight
(b)    that grow plenty in dry places
(c)    that never bear fruits
(d)    that shed their leaves during a certain season ‘
44.Which of the following natural regions is not found in the Torrid Zone ?
(a)    Equatorial forests
(b)    Monsoon regions
(c)    Temperate deserts
(d)    Tropical grasslands
45.Match the following :
Mineral    Producing
A.    Iron ore    1.Arkansas
B.    Copper    2. Cuba
C.    Aluminium        3. Kazakhstan

D. Nickel    4 . Krivoy Rog. A B C D
(a)    1243
(b)    1342
(c)    4213
(d)    4312
46.Long treeless grassy palms are characteristics of
(a)    Campos
(b)    Llanos
(c)    Pampas
(d)    Prairies
47.The Mediterranean lands are often called the Worlds:
(a)    grazing lands
(b)    forest lands
(c)    orchard lands
(d)    paddy lands
48.Which of the following regions gets no rainfall throughout the year ?

(a)    The Equatorial Region
(b)    The Tundra Region
(c)    The Himalayan Region
(d)    The Mediterranean Region
49.Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
(a)    Tundra region-Lichens and Mosses
(b)    Mediterranean region- Groundnut andPotato (c)China Type region-Tea and Sugarbeet (d)West-European region-Corn and Wheat
50.Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases From
(a)    east to west
(b)    west to east
(c)    north to south
(d)    south to north
51.The hot desert of the world are generally Found near:
(a)    the equator
(b)    the doldrums
(c)    the horse latitude
(d)    the Tundras
52. Match the following :
A.    Mantle    1. Heavy rocks of lithosphere
B.    Sima    2. Layer below earth’s crust
C.    Sial    3. Light rocks of lithosphere

D. Bill   4. Small peninsula
A B C D (a )3142
(b)    4321
(c)    2134
(d)    1234
53.ln which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found?
(a)    Granite
(b)    igneous
(c)    Metamorphic (D) Sedimentary
54. Molten rock below the surface of the earth is called :
(a)    Basalt
(b)    Laccolith
(c)    Lava
(d)    Magma
55.What is weathering ‘?
(a)    Removal of earth’s material by riveraction `
(b)    Removal of earth’s material by wind action (C) Breaking up and disintegration of rocks (d)Hardening up of rocks due to weather Conditions
56.Which of the following predominantly acts as the agent of chemical erosion of soil ?
(a)    Glacier
(b)    Seawave
(c)    Underground water
(d)    Wind
57.Which of the following represents a process of chemical weathering ?
(a)    Thermal expansion a1 contraction
(b)    Mass exfoliation
(c)    Hydration and Hydrolysis
(c) Frost action and crystal growth
58.Which is not an erosional process caused by wind?
(a)    Saltation
(c)    Abrasion
(b)    Plucking
(d)    Deflation

59.The rocks that make up the continents and are rich is silicon and aluminum are L
(a)    Lighter in colour and weight
(b)    Lighter in colour and heavier in weight
(c)    Lighter in weight and darker in colour
(d)    Heavier in weight and darker in colour
60.Amount of vertical and lateral displacement on a fault is respectively referred to as:
(a)    Heave; throw
(b)    Tear, heave
(c)    Throw, heave
(d)    Heave, tear
61.Sub-aerial slopes include aggravational slopes created by
(a)    River sediments (alluvium)
(b)    Rainwash (colluvium)
(c)    Rock fall talus
(d)    All of the above

62.The grasslands that are affected by warm ocean current are:
(i) Pampas
(ii) Veld
(iii) Downs
(iv) Canterbury
(v) Pustaz
Select the appropriate code
(a)    i, ii, v
(b)    i, ii, iii, & v
(c)    i, ii, iii, iv
(d)    All the above

63.The most important component responsible for Albedo is:
(a)    Cloud cover
(b)    Ozone layer
(c)    Ice-cover
(d)    Dust particles
64.The world’s lowest air pressure has been recorded at

(a)    Irkutsk
(b)    Mariana Islands
(c)    Alutian
(d)    Hawaii Island

65.Which is the correct descending order of following gases, according to their presence in the atmosphere?
(a)    He, Ne, Kr. Xn
(b)    Ne, He, Xn, Kr
(c)    He, Ne, Xn, Kr
(d)    Ne, He, Kr, Xn
66.Selective scattering is caused by:
(a)    Gases
(b)    Dust particles
(c)    Hygroscopic nuclei
(d)    All of the above

67.Isobaths are:
(a)    Contours marking slope below sea level
(b)    Contours marking slope below plain level
(c)    Contours marking depth below sea level
(d)    Contours marking depth below plain level
68.Which ocean does not show constant pattern of ocean current? -
(a)    South Indian ocean
(b)    North Indian ocean
(c)    South Pacific ocean
(d)    North Pacific ocean
69.Related to ocean deeps which one is incorrect?
(a)    Challenger deep is the deepest point
(b)    Bottom temperature is more than surface temperature
(c)    Biodivercity at the bottom is more
(d)    A and C
70.Which among the following price does not fall under Savanna vegetation?
(a)    Kano (Nigeria)
(b)    Salisbury (Africa)
(c)    Perth (Australia)
(d)    San Fernado (Venezuela)
71.Which among the following is a mid-latitude desert?
(a)    Atacama
(c)    Kalahari
(b)    Patagonia
(d)    Namib
72.Which among the following does not fall under the warm temperate western margin climate?
(a)    Perth
(b)    Adelaide
(c)    Capetown
(d)    Sydney

73.Very old, highly weathered soil of low latitude is known as:
(a)    Oxisols
(b)    Ultisols
(c)    Vrtisols
(d)    Alfisols
74.Which region would be worsed affected by air pollution?
(a)    Industrial region
(b)    Commercial centres
(c)    Rural region
(d)    Transportation belt
75.Which part of Malaysia is most densely populated?
(a)    Western Coastline
(b)    Eastern Coastline
(c)    Northern Coastline
(d)    Southern Coastline

76.Which among the following ethnic groups does not fall under Mongoloids?
(a)    Eskimos
(b)    Red Indians
(c)    Yakuts
(d)    Alpine
77.Africanization policy of Uganda was aimed at
(a)    To encourage immigration from other African country
(b)    To disperse over-population
(c)    To evict Indian origin people
(d)    To encourage African unity
78.Norilsk on the Yenisey river in Siberia is associated with
(a)    Nickel mining
(b)    Iron mining
(c)    Uranium mining

(d) Coal mining

79.Match the following: List-I List-II
A.    Chena (i) Sri Lanka
B.    Caingin (ii) Philippines
C.    Canuco (iii) Venezuela
D.    Tamarai (iv) Thailand
(a)    i ii iv iii
(b)    ii i iv iii
(c)    ii i iii iv
(d)    i ii iii iv
80.Which among the following group of trees are mainly grown in the Southern part of USA?
(a)    Douglus Fir, Hemlock, Spruce, Cedar
(b)    Oak, Fir. Cedar, Teak
(c)    Yellow Pine, Loblolby Pines, Slash
(d)    Teak, Loblolby Pine, Fir
81.Match the following: List -I List-II
A.    USA (i) Petroleum Oil
B.    China (ii) Solid Fuel
C.    Netherlands (iii) Natural Gas
D.    France (iv) Nuclear Power
(a)    i ii iii iv
(b)    iii ii i iv
(c)    iii iv i ii
(d)    i iv iii ii    _
82.World’s maximum Uranium reserve is located in:
(a)    Canada
(b)    Niger
(c)    Nigeria
(d)    Zaire
83.Amsterdam is famous for:
(a)    Fishing I
(b)    Cutlery *
(c)    Diamond Cutting
(d)    Chemicals
84.Soo Canal links lakes: (a) Superior-Huran

(b)    Erie-Ontario
(c)    Huran-Erie
(d)    Superior-Michigan
85.Main export of Venezuela is:
(a)    Tin
(b)    Oil
(c)    Gold
(d)    Coffee
86.Ratio of total pop4ilation to total food grain land is
(a)    Agricultural density
(b)    Economic density
(c)    Nutrition density
(d)    Physiological density
87.Which country has noticed the highest crude death rate in recent years?
(a)    Afghanistan
(b)    Angola
(c)    Yaman
(d)    Nigeria
88.Initial concentration of cotton industry in USA was:
(a)    New England region
(b)    S.E.USA
(c)    Appalachian region
(d)    Great lake region
89.According to population which state has maximum density?
a.    Uttar Pradesh
b.    Bihar
c.    West Bengal
d.    Madhya Pradesh
90. The Indus Gorge in Kashmir is
(a)    180 m deep
(b)    5280 m deep
(c)    5380 m deep
(d)    5480 m deep
91.    The three stages of the river are also known as
(a)    Torrent stage
(b)    Valley stage
(c)    Plain stage ( D)all of these
92.    Major industrial famous towns in Ruhr region are:
(a)    Berlin, Frankfurt, Stutgard
(b)    Essan, Berlin, Colbgue
(c)    Essan, Cologue, Dusselberg (d)Lipzig, Halle,
93. Arrange these cities in the order of their position from South to North. (i) Kwangchow (ii) Shanghai (iii) Nanking

(iv) Beijing
(a)    i, ii, iii, iv
(b)    i, iii, ii, iv
(c)    iv, ii, iii, i (d)iv, iii ii, i
94. which river flows through satpura jungle ?
d. none
95.why Rajasthan is a desert ?
a. it is away from the sea
b.high insolation
c.flat arawali region is not able to retain orographic rain
d. all of the above
96. which river joins ganga from the south?
a. son b.kosi
d.budhi gandak 98.inter tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) normally occurs near.
a.    equator
b.    tropic of cancer
c.tropic of capricon
d.arctic circle
99.E1 NINO effect is closely associated with ?
a.drought condition in india
b.equitorial counter current c.warm ocean current d. all of the above
100. tsunamis are caused by crust shrinking
c.submarine earthquakes


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