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February 11, 2017


  webmaster       February 11, 2017

1.    Who has been appointed as the 7th
chairman of NHRC in March 2016
(1)   Swati Maliwal (2)     H L Dattu
(3) Bibek debroy (4)     Justice R M Lodha
2.    The    first    Raisina-    dialogue    related    with
geo-politics    and    geo-informatics
inaugurated by Sushma Swaraj in the city
(1)   Bengaluru                         (2) Mumbai
(3)   Hyderabad    (4) delhi
3.    Masala bond is related with
(1)    Peer to peer currency transfer bond
(2)    Rupee    denominated    bond    issued    by Indian firms
(3)    WTO   agreement   regarding   economics of developing countries
(4)    Bond issued by RBI for food crops
4.    47th Dada Sahib falke puraskar was
conferred to
(1)   Lata mangeshkar      (2) dileep kumar
(3)   manoj kumar    (4) shyam benegal
5.    Which of the following state has not went
through elelction in 2016 for lesgislative
(1)   West bengal    (2) kerala
(3)   assam    (4) Goa
6.    Who have clinched the pro kabaddi season
3 title?
(1)   U mumba    (2) Pink panther
(3)   Patna pirates    (4) Teleugu titanas
7.    Which tennis player has been banned due
to drug test in March 2016
(1)   serena williams    (2) maria sharapova
(3)   lee na    (4) rojer Federer

8.    Who   has   been   appointed   21st   chaiman   of
LAW commission of India
(1)    balbbir singh chauhan
(2)    h l dattu
(3)    s. ramakrishnan
(4)    p.sadashivam
9.    Abdul    Kalam    Island    (wheeler    island)    is
situated in
(1)   Vishakhapatnam (2)     Orissa
(3)   Kanyakumari (4)     None of the above
10.    Which   country   has   ended   53   yr   military
rule to have first civilian president
(1)   Bhutan    (2) Kosovo
(3)   Myanmar    (4) Turkey
11.    India     will     host     the     8th     annual     BRICS
summit in the city
(1)   Bangalore    (2) Delhi
(3) goa    (4) Hyderabad
12.    The   Gandaki   radar   inferometer   (GIRI)   IS
(1)   Kerala    (2) tamilnadu
(3)   Orissa    (4) Andhra Pradesh
13.    RAPTOR-MOU is related with
(1)WTO agreement
(2)     Bird conservation
(3)    Conservation of Bengal florican
(4)    Economics of developing countries
14.    Which    country    has    declined    to    declare
Islam as its official religion?
(1) Pakistan    (2)Indonesia
(3)   Bangladesh    (4) Syria

15.    Who was the inventor of e-mail
(1)   e. beired    (2) somue tomlison
(3)   both    (4) none
16.    the famous case of saira bano is related
(1)   polygammy
(2)     uniform civil code
(3)    domestic violence
(4)    none of the above
17.    where is the head office of National green
(1)   hyderabad    (2) new delhi
(3)   banglore    (4) bhopal
18.    world water day is celebrated on
(1)   21st march    (2) 22nd march
(3)   23 march    (4)   24th march
(3)   Banking system    (4) heavy industries
20.    Bonda tribe is related with which state of
(1)    (2)
(3)    (4)
21.    Fort St George (White Town), the first
English (British) fortress in India was
founded at
(1)   Bombay    (2) Chinsura
(3)   Madras    (4) Calcutta
22.    The battle of    Wandiwash was fought
between the
(1)    Nizam of Hyderabad & the French
(2)    English & the French
(3)    English & Hyder Ali
(4)    Nawb of Carnatic & the English
23.    Which of the following Indians was
appointed as Deputy Diwan of of Bihar by
Robert Clive?
(1)   Omi Chand    (2) Manik Chand
(3)   Rai Durlabh    (4) Raja Shitab Rai
24.    Who was appointed Deputy Diwan of
Murshidabad (Bengal) by Robert Clive
after the Allahabad Treaty?
(1)   Mohd. Reza khan    (2) Raja Shitab Rai

(3)   Rai Durlabh (4) Syed Ghulam Hussain
25.    Emperor Shah Alam IIgave the Diwani of
Bengal, Bihar & Orissa to East India
Company on
(1) 12 August, 1765 (2) 18 August, 1765 (3)   29 August, 1765       (4) 21 August 1765
26.    Which one among the following wars was
ended by the Treaty of Madras?
(1) First Carnatic war (2) 2nd Carnatic War
(3)   1st Mysore War    (4) 2nd Mysore War
27.    The Gurumukhi Script was introduced by (1)   Guru Amardas    (2) Guru Ramdas (3)   Guru Angad    (4) Guru Nanak
28.    Who among the following Governor General framed the triple alliance against Tipu Sultan?
(1)   Warren Hastings       (2) Lord Cornwallis
(3)    Lord Welleseley
(4)    Lord William Bentinck
29.    In Indian history, which one of the
following wars occurred earliest?
(1)    1st Anglo-Afgan War
(2)    2nd Carnatic War
(3)3rd Anglo Maratha War
(4)   4th Anglo Mysore War
30.    Who granted the permission to establish the
1st British factory at Hooghli in Bengal?
(1)    Shah Shuja
(2)    Murshid Quli Khan
(3)    Shuja-ud-Din    (4) Alivardi Khan
31.    The Treaty of Bassein was signed with the
British By Peshwa
(1)   Madhav Rao    (2) Balaji Baji Rao
(3)   Baji Rao I    (4) Baji Rao II
32.    Which one among the following was the
result of the 1st Anglo-Maratha War of
(1)    The British won the war
(2)    The Marathas won the war
(3)    There is no victory for either side
(4)    It helped Haider Ali yo gather strength because of the British & Marathas wer engaged in a mutual war

33.    With which one of the following mountain
tribes did the British 1st come into contact
with after the grant of Diwani in the year
(1) Garos    (2) Khasis
(3) Kukis    (4) Tipperahs
34.    Who among the following was the 1st
Muslim Millitary Commander who
annexed Bihar & Bengal by overthrowing
the Sena Dynasty?
(1) Mahmud Gawan    (2) Bakhtiyar Khilj i
(3) Adil Shahi    (4) Shams-ud-din
35.    The treaty of Amritshahar was concluded
between Maharaja Ranjit Singh & who of
the following?
(1) Lord Cornwallis    (2) Lord Dalhousie (3) Lord Hastings        (4) Lord Minto
36.    Who was Viceroy of India when the
Rowlatt Act was passed?
(1) Lord Irwin    (2) Lord Reading
(3) Lord Chemsford    (4) Lord Wavell
37.    Who was the Viceroy Of India when the
British India's capital ws shifted from
Calcutta To Delhi?
(1) Lord Curzon    (2) Lord Hardinge
(3)    Lord Dalhouise
(4)    Lord William Bentinck
38.    The 1st definite step to provide
Parliamentory control over East India
Company was taken by
(1)    the Regulating Act
(2)    the Pitts India Act
(3)    The Charter Act, 1793
(4)    the Charter Act,
39.    Who of the following laid the 1st rail-road
in India?
(1) Lord Ripon    (2) Lord Wevell
(3) Lord Curzon    (4) Lord Dalhousie
40.    The 1999 Indian    Councils Act is also
known as
(1)    The Chelmsford Reforms
(2)    The August Offer
(3)    The woods Despatch
(4)    The Minto-Morley Reforms

41.    The provincial governments of india were
given more powers under the system of
Dyarchy in the year
(1) 1892    (2) 1909
(3) 1919    (4) 1935
42.    The charter Act of 1833 during the colonial
rule of India
(1)    allowed the company's Monopoly of tea trade, & trade with China
(2)    put an end to the Company's tea trade, & trade with China
(3)    had not interfered with Company's tea trade & trade with China
(4)    allowed the company's Monopoly of tea trade & trade with china for 10 years
43.    Which one of the following Governer
General was impeached by the British
(1) Lord Curzon    (2) Warren Hastings
(3)    Lord Canning
(4)    William Bentinck
44.    Which one of the following measures is
associated with William Bentinck, the then
Governer-General of India?
(1)    Introduction of postal system
(2)    Resumption of Rent-free land
(3)    Preservation of ancient monuments
(4)    Partition of Bengal
45.    The English introduced Ryotwari
settlement in
(1)    Bengal Presidency
(2)    Madras Presidency
(3)    Bombay Presidency
(4)    Madras & Bombay Presidency
46.    Who authored the book 'Poverty & the Un-
British Rule in India?
(1)    Dadabhai Naroji
(2)    Ramesh Chandra Dutt
(3)    Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(4)    Amrita Kumar Sen
47.    Who was associated with Ryotwari
settlement of Madras?
(1) Malcom    (2) Metcalfe
(3) Munro    (4) Elphinstone
48.    Which amongst the following place was
not a centre of the Revolution of 1857?

(1) Ajmer    (2) Jaipur
(3) Neemuch    (4) Arrah
49.    One of the following rebels of 1857 Revolt
was killed in the jungles of Nepal, Who
was he/she?
(1) Rani Jhansi    (2) Tantiya Tope
(3) Kunwar Singh       (4) none of these
50.    The educated middle class in India
(1)    Opposed the revolt of 1857
(2)    supported the revolt of 1857
(3)    remained neutral to the revolt of 1857
(4)    fought against native rulers
51.    Which one of the following territories was
not affected by the Revolt of 1857?
(1) Jhansi    (2) Chittor
(3) Jagdishpur    (4) Lucknow
52.    Who was the Governor-General of India
during the sepoy muting?
(1) Lord Canning        (2) Lord Dalhousie (3) Lord Hardinge       (4) Lord Lytton
53.    The Revolt of 1857 was witnessed by the
(1) Mir Taqi Mir    (2) Zauq
(3) Ghalib    (4) Iqbal
54.    After the Revolt of 1857, the British
recruited the Soldiers from the
(1)    Brahmins of UP & Bihar
(2)    Bengalis & Orrias from the East
(3)    Gurkhas, Sikhs & Punjabis in the North
(4)    Madras Presidency & Marathas
55.    The Revolt of 1857 at Lucknow Was led by
(1)    Begam Haziarat Mahal
(2)    Tantiya Tope
(3)    Rani Laxmi Bai     (4) Nana Saheb
56.    The modern historian, who called the
Revolt of 1857 'as the 1st War of
Independence' was
(1) RC Majmudar       (2) SN Sen (3) VD Sawarkar        (4) Ashok Mehta \57. Babu Kunwar Singh who took part in great leader of Revolt of 1857 was
(1)    Zamindar of Gorakhpur
(2)    Zamindar of Jagdishpur
(3)    Zamindar of Rohilkhand
(4)    Zamindar of Raipur

58.    Who was the general seceratary of the All
India Trade Union Congress (AITUC)?
(1)    Lala Lajpat Rai
(2)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(3)    Narayan Guru
(4)    Diwan Chaman Lal

59.    Moplah Revolt of 1921 took place in (1) Kashmir    (2) NWPF (3) Kerala    (4) Asam
60.    Where was the 1st All India Kisan Sabha formed?
(1) Calcutta    (2) Madras
(3) Lucknow    (4) Patna
61.    Santha Revolt (1855-56) was led by
(1) Siddhu-Kanhu       (2) Chand-Bhairav
(3) Both a & b    (4) Neither a nor b
62.    Where had Baba Ramchandra organized
the farmers?
(1) Awadh    (2) Bihar
(3) Bengal    (4) Andhra
63.    Gandhij i' s Champaran Movement was for
(1)    the security of rights Of Harijans
(2)    Civil Disobedience Movement
(3)    Maintainig the unity Of Hindu society
(4)    solving the problem of Indigo workers
64.    Who founded All India Harijan Sevak
(1)    BR Ambedkar
(2)    Mahatma Gandhi
(3)    Jay Prakash Narayan
(4)    Raj Narayan
65.    Where did the Tebhaga Movement occur in
(1) Bihar    (2) Punjab
(3) Gujarat    (4) Bengal
66.    The Leader of Bardoli Satyagraha (1928)
(1)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(2)    Mahatama Gandhi
(3)    Vitthalbhai Patel    (4) Mahadev Desai
67.    Which one of the following revolts was
made famous by Bankim Chandra Chatterji
in his Novel 'Anand Math'?
(1)    Bhil Uprising
(2)    Rangpur & Diinajpur Uprising

(3)    Bishnapur    &    Bribhum     Rebillion
(4)    Sanyasi Rebillion
68.    Who of the following founded Ahmedabad
Textile Labour Association?
(1)    Mahatma Gandhi
(2)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(3)    NM Joshi    (4) JB Kriplani
69.    'Vande Matram', the National Song, was a
part of
(1)    Durgesh Nandini
(2)    Sarswati Chandra
(3)    Grihidaha    (4) BM Malabari
70.    Who among the following Englishmen, 1st
translated 'Bhagvad-Gita' into Enghlish?
(1) William jones        (2) Charles Wilkins
(3)    Alexander Cunningham
(4)    John Marshall
71.    The Mohemmadan Anglo-Oriental College
of Aligarh was Founded by
(1) Md Ali Jinnah       (2) Mohammad Ali
(3)    Shaukat Ali
(4)    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
72.    Who among the following set up the
Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta in the 1st Half of
the nineteenth century?
(1)    Radhakant Dev
(2)    Ram Mohan Roy
(3)    Ishwar Chandra vidyasagar
(4)    Debendranath Tagore
73.    Kuka movement was organized by
(1) Guru Ram Das       (2) Guru Nanak
(3)    Guru Ram Sing
(4)    Guru Gobind Singh
74.    Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Brahmo
Samaj in
(1) 1816 AD    (2) 1820 AD
(3) 1828 AD    (4) 1830 AD
75.    ' Satyartha Prakash' was written by
(1)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(2)    Mahatma Gandhi
(3)    Swami Vivekanand
(4)    Swami Dyanand Sharswati
76.    Who was the founder Of Ram Krishna
(1) Swami Vivekanand

(2)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(3)    Swami Dyanand Sharswati
(4)    Ram Krishna Paramhansa
77.    The leading light of the Renaissance
Movement in India was
(1)    Debendranath Tagore
(2)    Keshab Chandra Sen
(3)    Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(4)    Ram Mohan Roy
78.    Lord Macauly is associated with
(1)    Reforms in Army
(2)    Abolition of sati System
(3)    English Education
(4)    Permanent Settlement
79.    Which Governar-General had abolished
(1)    Sir John Shore
(2)    Lord William Bentinck
(3)    Lord Ellenborough
(4)    Lord Cornwallis
80.    The Scientific Society was founded by
(1)    William Company
(2)    Lord Cornwallis
(3)    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(4)    None of the above
81.    Among the various forms of struggle
thrown up by the Swadeshi movement,
which one of the following met with the
greatest visible success at the practical &
popular level?
(1)    The boycott of foreign Goods
(2)    Public meetings  &  processions against the British Rule.
(3)    Picketing    of    shops    selling    liquor    & foreign goods
(4)    Arrest    of    the   political    workers    on   a large scale
82.    Who were the main architects of the Indian
National Conference?
(1)    Surendranath        Banerjee        &        Anand Mohan Bose
(2)    Surendranath     Banerjee     &     Dadabhai Naroji
(3)    BG Tilak & Aurbindo
(4)    None of the Above

83.    Which of the following Statements on the
anti-position movement of 1905 is correct?
(1)    The moderate did not support it
(2)    It led to the revival of some traditional artisan crafts.
(3)    It did not involve the masses.
(4)    All the above are correct
84.    The Indian Muslims, in general, were not
attracted to the extremist movements
because of the
(1)    influence  of the  Sir  Sayyid Ahmed Khan
(2)    anti-muslim    attitude    of    extremist leaders.
(3)    indifference      shown     to      Muslim aspirations
(4)    extremists policy of harping on Hindu Past
85.    Royal Asiatic Society was founded by
(1)    Sir William Jones
(2)    Sir John Marshall
(3)    RD Banerjee
(4)    Sir William Bentinck
86.    Which one of the following submitted in
1875 petition to the house of Commans
demanding India's direct representation in
the British Parliament?
(1)    The Deccan Association
(2)    The Indian Association
(3)    The Madras Mahajan Sabha
(4)    The Poona Sarvajanik Sabha
87.    After the Surat split, the coongress
(1)    Went to the extrimists.
(2)    remained     under    the     control     of moderates.
(3)    Was      banned      by      the      British Government.
(4)    was temporarily disbanded.
88.    Annie Besant formed Home Rule League
in India based on the pattern of Home Rule
Movement in?
(1) Ireland    (2) Scotland
(3) England    (4) Eastern Euorope
89.    Whhich one of the following statements
about the moderate leaders of the Indian
National Congress is not correct?

(1)    The criticized the British for drain of weath from India.
(2)    They advocated boycottof foreign goods
(3)    They ignored the issue of exploitation of Indian rural people by the zamindars.
(4)    They comprehended the vital role played by India in the imperial economy of Britain.
90.    A medical mission was sent to Turkey in
the wake of the war between Ottoman
empire & Italy.Who headed the mission?
(1)    Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
(2)    MA Ansari
(3)    Hassan Imam    (4) Mazhar-ul-haq
91.    Who among the following rejected the title
of Kinghood & refused to accept a osition
in the Council of the Seceratory of State for
(1)   Motilal Nehru    (2) MG Ranade
(3)   GK Gokhale    (4) BG Tilak
92.    Who among the following was not
associated with the formation of UP Kisan
Sabha in February, 1918?
(1)    Indra Narayan Dwivedi
(2)    Gauri Shankar Mishra
(3)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(4)    Madan Mohan Malaviya
93.    Which among the following is not true
about the Swadeshi Movement?
(1)    It had a wider popular appeal than any other political agitation that preceded it.
(2)    It enlisted the support of the Muslim Masses.
(3)    It had an economic character.
(4)    The    Swadeshi    Movement    was supported by a section of the radical press in England.
94.    Who among the following was a founder of
Swaraj Party?
(1)    Vallabhbhai Patel
(2)    Rajrndra prasad
(3)    CR Das    (4) Narendra Deb
95.    The partition of Bengal Came into Effect
(1)   15th Aug, 1905    (2) 15th Sept, 1905

(3) 16th Oct, 1905        (4) 15th Nove, 1905
96.    Who of the following was the 1st muslim
President of Indian National Congress?
(1)    Badaruddin Tayabji
(2)    Abul Kalam Azad
(3)    Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
(4)    MA Ansari
97.    Who was the 1st Indian to Become member
of the British Parliament?
(1)    Badruddin Tayabji
(2)    W C Banerjee
(3)    D N Wacha    (4) Dadabhai Naroji
98.    Who among the following was not a
(1)    Bipin Chandra Pal
(2)    Firoz Shah Mehta
(3)    Surendranath Mehta
(4)    Gopal Krishna Gokhle
99.    Who gave the 'Inquilab Zindabad' slogan?
(1) Iqbal    (2) M K Ganghi
(3) Bhagat Singh    (4) S C Bose
100.    Who said ,'Swaraj is my Birth right & i
shall have it'?
(1)    Mahatma Gandhi
(2)    Bipin Chandra Pal
(3)    G K Gokhale
(4)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak
101.    Who among the following was the chief
architect of reconcillation between the
Extrimists & the Moderates?
(1) Annie Besant    (2) MA Jinnah
(3)    Madam Cama
(4)    Feroz Shah Mehta
102.    Who was the founder of All India Muslim
(1)    Syed Ahmed Khan
(2)    Mohammad Iqbal
(3)    Agha Khan
(4)    Nawab Salimullah Khan
103.    Sri Aurobind Ashram Is situated in
(1) Tamil Nadu    (2) Karnataka
(3) Rameshwaram       (4) Pondicherry
104.    Who had founded the Anushilan Samiti?
(1) Parmath Nath Mishra

(2)    Varindra Ghosh
(3)    V D Savarkar
(4)    Narendra Gosain
105.    Who was the 1st editor of the Yugantar?
(1)    Barindra Ghosh
(2)    Bipin Chandra Pal
(3)    Jatindra Nath Mukherjee
(4)    Ullaskar Dutt
106.    Mahatma Gandhi became the President of
INC, in-
(1)    Lucknow Session,1916
(2)    Bombay Session, 1915
(3)    Belgam Session, 1924
(4)    Kanpur Session, 1925
107.    Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the epithet
of Lokmanya (Universally respected)
(1)    Swadeshi movement
(2)    Revolutionary movement
(3)    Home Rule movement
(4)    his imprisonment in 1908
108.    Jay Prakash Narayan belong to which
(1) Congress    (2) Kisan Sabha
(3) Socialist    (4) Raivadi
109.    Who is known as 'Lok Nayak'?
(1)    Mahatma Gandhi
(2)    Shubash Chandra Bose
(3)    Jay Prakash Narayan
(4)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
110.    Which incident led Gandhiji to withdraw
Non-cooperation movement?
(1)    Kakori episode
(2)    Chauri-Chaura episode
(3)    Jallianwala Bagh episode
(4)    Muzaffarpur episode
111.    The object of Butler Committee of 1927
was to
(1)    Modernise the Indian Army
(2)    Modernise the Indian agriculture
(3)    impose censorship on National Press
(4)    improve the relationship between Government of India & Indian Princely States

112.    Which of the following statement is not
(1)    Dandi March is also known as Salt Satyagraha
(2)    The Karachi Session of 1931, endorced the Gandhi-Irwin Pact
(3)    The Karachi Session of 1931 is also memorable for it's resolution on Fundamental Rights
(4)    All the above are not correct
113.    Which of the following struggles of
Mahatma Gandhi was related to industrial
(1)    Champaran satyagrha
(2)    Ahmedabad struggle
(3)    Kheda Struggle
(4)    None of the above
114.    The main reason for the boycott of Simon
Commission in India was
(1)    appointment before time
(2)    all the members were englishmen
(3)    Chairman was a member of the British Liberal Party
(4)    Gandhiji's non-cooperation Movement
115.    Which Congress President negotiated with
both Cripps Mission & Lord wavell
(1)    Abul Kalam Azad
(2)    Jawahar lal Nehru
(3)    JB Kripalani
(4)    C Rajagopalachari
116.    Ganghiji took up Dandi March as acivil
Disobedience Movement on
(1) 31st Dec, 1929        (2) 26th Jan, 1930 (3) 12th Mar, 1930       (4) 6th April, 1930
117.    Who was the 1st person to observe
individual Satyagraha?
(1)    Vinoba Bhave
(2)    Mahatma Gandhi
(3)    Vallabh Bhai Patel
(4)    Govind Ballabh Pant
118.    Who wrote 'Unhappy India'?
(1)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(2)    Lala Lajpat Rai
(3)    Surendranath Banerjee
(4)    Dadabhai Naroji

119.    Gandhiji's Champaran Movement was for
(1)    the security of rigts of Harijans
(2)    Civil Disobedience Movement
(3)    Maintaining    the    Unity    of   Hindu Society.
(4)    Solving    the    problems    of   Indigo Workers.
120.    Who founded All India Harijan Sangh?
(1)    B R Ambedkar
(2)    Mahatma Gandhi
(3)    Jai Prakash Narayan
(4)    Raj Narayan
121.    Aim of the Swarajya Party was to
(1)    Agitate for total freedom
(2)    boycott the Congress moves
(3)    enter   the   legislature   &   wreck   the Government from within
(4)    resort to extremism
122.    Who was known as the Frontier Gandhi
(Simantha Handhi)
(1)    Abdul Gaffar Khan
(2)    Mahatma Gandhi
(3)    Shaukat Ali
(4)    Mohammad Ali Jinnah

123.    When was the Azad hindh Fauj Formed ? (1) 1st Oct, 1939    (2) 10th Aug, 1940 (3) 11th May, 1941       (4) 1st Sep, 1942
124.    Who of the following was the leader of a society popularly known as 'Red Shirts'?

(1)    Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(2)    Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
(3)    Muzaffar Ahmed
(4)    Mohammad Ali Jinnah
125.    With which one of the following
movements is the slogan “Do or Dir”
(1)    Swadeshi Movement
(2)    Non-cooperation Movement
(3)    Civil Disobedience Movement
(4)    Quit India Movement
126.    Who among the following was the founder
of the Muslim League?
(1)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(2)    Shaukat Ali
(3)    Nawab Salimullah

(4)   Aga Khan
127.    At      which      session      of      Indian      National
Congress, the Swaraj Party was formed?
(1)   Belgaum    (2) Gaya
(3)   Calcutta    (4) Lahore
128.    Which one of the following is not correct
about the Cabinest Mission Plan?
(1)    Provincial Grouping
(2)    Interim Cabinet Of Indians
(3)    Acceptance of Pakistan
(4)    Constitution Farming Right
129.    The 1st State in India which was created on
linguistic basis is
(1)   Andhra Pradesh    (2) Gujarat
(3)   Haryana    (4) Kerala
130.    The Constutuent Assembly Of India was
set up under the
(1)    Cabinet Mission Plan
(2)    Wavell plan
(3)    Mountbatten plan
(4)    Indian Independence Act
131.    Which one of the following 1st mooted the
idea of a Constitient Assembly to frame a
Constitution for India?
(1)    Swaraj Party in 1934
(2)    Congress Party in 1936
(3)    Muslim League in 1942
(4)    All parties Confrence in 1946
132.    Which one of the following was a journal
brought out by Abul Kalam Azad?
(1)   Al-hilal    (2) Comrade
(3)    The Indian Sociologist
(4)    Zamindar
133.    Who among the following not associated
with the Quit India Movement?
(1)   Usha Mehta    (2) Aruna Asif Ali
(3)   Mahatma Gandhi     (4) Dadabhai Naroji
134.    During the freedom struggle, Aruna Asif
Ali was a major woman organiser of the
underground activities in
(1)    Bardoli Satyagraha
(2)    Quit India Movement
(3)    Civil Disobedience Movement
(4)    Khilafat Movement

135.    Two Independent states of India & Pakistan
were created by
(1)    the Simla Confrence
(2)    the Cripps Proposal
(3)    the Cabinet mission Plan
(4)    the Indian Independence Act
136.    Jammu & Kashmir became an integral part
of India on
(1)   26th Oct, 1947    (2) 26th Oct, 1948
(3)    26th Nove, 1948
(4)    None of the Above

137.    Where was Azad Hind Fauj set up? (1)   Japan    (2) Burma (3)   Singapore    (4) England
138.    The 1st & last Indian to hold office as Governor-General of Independent India was

(1)    Jamanalal Bajaj
(2)    C Rajagopalachari
(3)    Rajendra Prasad        (4) MA Ansari
139.    The Prime Minister of England At the time
of Quit India Movement Was
(1)   Chamberlain    (2) Churchill
(3)   Clement Attlee    (4) Mac Donald
140.    who is called the man behind the
philosophy of preamble
(1)   M k gandhi    (2) JL Nehru
(3)   c rajgopalachari    (4) B R ambedkar
141.    The palce jagdish pur which was a major
centre during 1857 struggle is in the district
(1)   Ara    (2) Sasaram
(3)   Ranchi    (4) Bhojpur
142.    Golghar during bristish time was famous
(1)    Residential palace of britishers
(2)    Freedom centre of extremist
(3)    food      storage      house      during      famine
(4)    all of the above
143.    patna museuem and raj bhawan is
influenced with
(1)   indo-greek    (2) buddhism
(3)   jainism    (4) aryans

144.    who    have    established    congress    party    in
(1)    ramchandra shukla
(2)    ras bihari bose
(3)    ras bihari lal mandal
(4)    jatin das
145.    Who have drawn the attention of Gandhiji
for the plight of indigo planters
(1)    Ram Chandra shukla
(2)    brajakishore prasad
(3)    anughra Prasad shinha
(4)    none of the above
146.    which of the following land system was not
prevalent in Bihar
(1)    jamiandari
(2)    rayotwari
(3)    tin kathiya
(4)    mahalwari
147.    The    bihar    provincial        kissan    sabha    was
established in the year
(1)   1924    (2) 1935
(3)   1929    (4) 1927
148.    The    famous    mouthpiece    HUNKAR
established in 1940 is associated with
(1)    Rahul sankrityaan
(2)    pandit yamauna karjee
(3)    both
(4)    none
149.    The place NOAKHALI in history of bihar
is associated with
(1)    Peasant movement
(2)    hindu muslim riot
(3)    indigo movement
(4)    major cotton producing area
150.    which    diseases    have    taken    thousands    of
lives in bihar in 1974
(1)   plague    (2) smallpox
(3)   cholera    (4) jaundice


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