Fewer jobs for women in Bihar

Bihar is among the country’s “worst-performing” seven states in terms of generating employment for women, according to the fifth labour survey conducted by the Labour Bureau of the Union ministry of labour and employment in 2015-16.
The bureau conducted the third, fourth and fifth surveys in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2015-16. The respective percentage population of women in various kinds of jobs in Bihar remained 10.4, 16.7 and 17.8. These jobs included the ones generated under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Guarantee Act schemes and the private ones.

The figures for the nation were 25.05% for 2012-13, 29.06% in 2013-14 and 25.87% in 2015-16. That is, jobs for women in the country dwindled in 2015-16 though they increased in Bihar.

But Jharkhand, which was carved out of Bihar in 2000, fared better than the parent state with 28.4%, 45.7% and 48.2% women getting jobs in the tribal state in the three surveyed years.

Of the three other neighbouring states of Bihar, only Uttar Pradesh lagged behind it in 2015-16 with 12% women getting jobs there. The percentage of women in employment in Odisha in 2015-16 was 23.7% and that in West Bengal 20.5%.

One solace for Bihar is that the seven “worst-performing” states of 2015-16 include Delhi (11.7%) and Punjab (9.4%). The other states are Himachal Pradesh (15.1%), Jammu and Kashmir (7.9%), Madhya Pradesh (17.2% and UP (12%).

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