Wellness Workers Inc

Wellness Workers Inc
In a society where people are looking for overall wellbeing, a career in wellness management is proving to be a lucrative choice
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Though wellness is a modern term, its popularity can be traced back to 1950s. However, its roots can be traced back into history much further when improvement in health conditions was ensured through various practices like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Greek medicine, Roman medicine, Hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, etc. The 18th and 19th century saw a revolutionary upsurge in the health and wellness sector. This was simply because the simple way of living gave way to a more complex life, which in turn led to the manifestation of many ailments.

So, what exactly is wellness? Well, it has been defined as a state of being healthy, with a conscious effort of preventing illness and prolonging life. It is a deliberate attempt to improve the quality of living by incorporating some actions into the daily life of an individual, whereby sickness can be delayed, prevented or dealt with easily. It is all about being attentive to selfcare. No doubt, modern-day lifestyle has increased the susceptibility towards many unwanted health conditions, so much so that there is also an increased awareness to keeping those maladies at bay. As a result, wellness centres have mushroomed in every big and small towns and cities. Worldwide, wellness has increasingly become an actively sought after goal. This conscious effort of promoting healthiness, heartiness and wholesomeness can be achieved through various ways exercise and diet occupying the topmost positions. It is because of this reason that wellness management as an employment or business option has certainly become a lucrative career choice.

A career in wellness management has a wide scope and variety of fields and sub-fields to choose from. As mentioned earlier, exercise and diet provide the highest form of health management. The wide range of exercise regimes like yoga, gymming, cycling, swimming, dancing, pilates, aerobics, kick boxing, etc., are available everywhere. We all know how important nutrition and its practical application have become in our daily life. Besides, alternative/complementary therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, massages, etc., that promote general health, have gained a very high momentum. Promoting health and wellness has become an integral part of the corporate world. Many offices and business establishments have their own inhouse gyms and yoga rooms with instructors on their payroll. Wellness managers are employed by work establishments to regulate programmes adopted and sponsored by companies to enhance employee welfare. The demand for health coaches have gained immense importance to conduct workshops to motivate people to eat better, lose weight, give up addictive habits and manage stress, be emotionally stable and strong to promote and upgrade their living style. Opportunities of employment are also open in the public health sector, where one can work for community health development. Besides being employed, one could also diversify into equipment designing for health benefits as a source of living.

Nutrition as a wellness career has firmly established itself, too, in terms of offering advice to clients as well as opening up of health cafes and producing healthy eating products. To stay healthy, our body needs good quality food with the essential nutrients in the right proportion. Organic farming to provide high quality foodstuff has also opened up avenues of business and employment.

Throughout the world, many people have accepted and adhered to the benefits of adapting to a healthy lifestyle. It is no longer an exception or a privilege reserved for a particular section of society, but has rather become the order of the day. With this trend catching up, wellness management has flourished into an industry of its own. The wellness evolution history also shows its progression in a positive direction with an upwardly rising curve.

In such a scenario, wellness management as a career option is certainly an economicallyviable prospect, particularly because of the multitude of benefits it provides to the individual and society at large. People associated with delivering wellness not only improve their own life, but also that of their family. They can positively impact the lives of others by promoting greater self-esteem, boosting one's morale, achieving fitness, lowering medical costs, fostering team work and bringing down stress levels, thereby increasing productivity and longevity.

A healthy individual is the projection of a healthy society; hence, more and more wellness workers are essential for building a society comprising satisfied salubrious individuals. It is definitely a good and fulfilling career option.

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