Religious variations across the world

Religious variations across the world
History of the religious origin
There are about more than four thousand religions all over the world. All these religions have their own story of origin and date of origin. But, for few religions there is no exact history of stating its origin, this might be because either the religion was started even before the writing system so there was no written description of the religion. Or else, another reason can be that the religion might have been started up with someone or a team and was carried just forward through the words of god.
There are theological studies which tell the entire story of that particular religion. If you are really interested to know about different religions, their teachings, their traditions, etc. you can take up theology in your bachelors. You can also take online education for this by looking for the best online theology degrees. You can either study only one particular religion in depth or about all the religions in short and later on take up one single religion as a core subject and do research on it.
Origin and brief about different religions
       Christianity is the religion with the largest number of followers in the world. It was believed to be started by the first century CE. It is an extension of Jewish eschatological. Christianity was started with the preaching of Jesus about the god who send him down to guide humanity and the teachings of that god.
       Islam stands in the second position in having the largest number of followers. It is said to be originated long back. There are different categories under Islam. Most of the people are either the followers of Sunni or Shia category.
       Hinduism is considered as one of the ancient religions which exist in this world. Hinduism is one also of the religions which have the large number of followers. Hinduism is said to be originated long back with no specific person as its founder.
What religions teach?          
The most basic thing that every religion teaches is peace, to live in peace and to maintain peace with each other. Another fundamental conclusion which we can get into after studying about different religions is that religion introduces us to some external superpower which controls the whole humanity as human beings cannot control their own lives. A few teachings of few particular religions are as:
       One of the basic believe in Christianity is to believe in Jesus, whom they regard as the son of god. They believe that Jesus Christ was sent down by the God to the world as a saviour to them and to take them on the right track.
       Islam teaches its believers to submit themselves to god and lead a life according to what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has shown. There are six believes, only by believing in these you can become a complete Muslim.
       Hinduism also believes in one ultimate god and others deities the avatars to the supreme one. These deities represent or guide people to the ultimate truth the one and only god. Hindus basically believe in Dharma (duties), Samsara (continuous life cycle), Karma (actions), Moksha (liberation) and Yoga (different practices).
There are many things to study about different religions. You can take up theology under different religions to study about a particular religion in detail. There are many places around the world which is well-known for particular religious studies. 
For instance, in Hinduism it’s basically India that people choose to learn about its different believes and traditions. As they believe Hinduism was originated in India. For Christianity, people usually move to countries abroad where the famous churches are located and theology teachers are present. People also reach them through online education. Example, you stay near Connecticut and there are famous religious places located there, then you can look for best online colleges in Connecticut for your studies. For Islamic theology, people from very long times prefer universities in Baghdad, as there are many ancient universities with great professors. There are many other places as well which people choose due to its quality of education and other reasons.
Every religion has its own customs, traditions and believes. Every religion teaches to respect other religions and also respect different believes and customs though you do not follow it. This is how we can bring peace between people and become united.
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